Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sounds of Peace-Florida Keys

A few months ago I was selected to paint a "Peace Bell" for the Keys to Peace organization. The Keys to Peace are parks from Key Largo to Key West that have been revamped and now have mandalas, meditation areas, spiritual inspirations messages and more. The Sounds of Peace are actually upcycled scuba tanks that were stripped of their mechanisms and a ringer was added inside. After being primed- several artists were chosen to paint them in our own theme. I chose one of the eight auspicious symbols of the Tibetan Buddhism- the Twin Fishes. This symbol means we should move freely through life as a fish does happily in water. These bells were then hung from a tree and blessed by the Tibetan Monks!! It was a wonderful ceremony and I really enjoyed painting my Peace bell!


  1. Thanks Vicki! I forgot to post a link so that you can view the other Peace bells- here it is:

    and here is the webpage: